16 August 1961. A car accident has taken your parentsí lives, leaving you with only memories from the last time you saw them long ago and a sports team you know nothing about. The season starts in a week, and you know nothing about the teams, the game, the people who run it ...

But there are rumors. About jealousies, hatreds, ulterior motives. About people who seem no more than shadows, lurking in the background of the game. And about that so-called "accident."

Manager: A Sports Management Mystery. Download the free Beta/demo for PC now.

Developer's note: Manager is a Zork-like mystery game ... Well, maybe like Zork's great great great great grandchild--still mostly text, but with loads of branches, AI, and some imagery. Please feel free to take this Beta for a spin, and let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy it! -- Jeff

Extreme AI Personality Engine line Manager Forums
Features the Extreme AI Personality Engine: Manager personalities, emotions, and reactions change depending on interactions.
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