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SteamSaga: Cerulia is the first of a series of stories set in the land of Cerulia, and using Extreme AI, the story takes many turns depending on your interactions with your fellow characters and the world around you. Even the way you treat your friends and enemies in combat can affect your relationships. By the end, you may have held your party together under your admirable leadership, discovered that some of them know more than they let on, or annoyed them so much that your little band has become four individuals going their own way. And then there’s your mission ...

With a unique art style, steampunk sensibilities, Extreme AI, and the resulting branching story paths, SteamSaga: Cerulia is hours and hours of replayable adventure.

Free (rough) demo available!
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On hold! This project may be revived someday, but for the moment is strictly a demo of our AI systems.
Download the short demo! Play and be hooked!

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