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With roots in both the humanities and sciences, Quantum Tiger Games was founded to create a new, more human non-player-character AI. We believe AI is not just about pathfinding, not just scripting; it is also about creating a more realistic interaction between players and NPCs. Thus, a core goal at Quantum Tiger is to create entities that react and feel as people do.

Extreme AI, our initial offering, provides just that for game developers everywhere: a complete add-on to create and change non-player personalities both before and during a game, with potentially different reactions depending on continued interactions with a certain player, with other players and NPCs, and even with world events. Characters can remember and be happy to see one returning traveller, grow to hate another, and feel sorrow that the village had to face a destructive storm (and yet also feel pride that the community recovered). They can also benefit from internal growth, such as learning to be more welcoming to strangers (if that has generally been a good thing), or become braver after a series of successful adventures.

For more about Quantum Tiger Games and our products, please email us at or check out our discussion/papers on our AI engines.
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